Your Air Conditioner's New Best Friend!

What You Can Expect from Kool Kap

When you install a Kool Kap you can rest assured that you have purchased the finest condenser cover made. Only a Kool Kap can protect your air conditioner all year long, even when you are operating your system.

Behind every Kool Kap is a long list of highly qualified contractors and distributors to help you select and install the correct size Kool Kap for your air conditioner. If there is ever a problem with your Kool Kap during the term of your five (5) year warranty, your installing contractor will simply replace your defective Kool Kap with a new Kool Kap at no charge.

At Kool Kap, we believe in our product 100% and we are always willing to support it in such a way that every Kool Kap customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase.

Milton Baum