Your Air Conditioner's New Best Friend!

There’s no other cover like it made today!

Kool Kap is the only protective air conditioning cover made that is specifically designed to be a permanent addition to virtually any air conditioner. Kool Kaps are made of a virtually indestructible plastic that is so durable it’s even impervious to the sun’s ultraviolet rays allowing it to last longer than the life of your system.

Kool Kaps never have to be removed or stored, instead they work with your air conditioner to protect all year long, no matter what the weather. Kool Kaps don’t develop holes, rips or tears, they don’t trap moisture inside your air conditioner and they require no maintenance. Best of all, they are an attractive addition to any air conditioner.

There is simply no better way to cover and protect your air conditioner than with a Kool Kap.

Tarp-style covers do more harm than good!

Tarp-style covers have to be put on and taken off every year, then stored somewhere when they’re not being used. Of course, once you take off the cover you expose the top of the condenser to the elements, which allows dirt, leaves and other debris to enter and collect inside.

Tarps are ugly to look at and come in the brightest, most unsightly colors that are guaranteed to make every house look like it’s under construction.

Tarp-style covers quickly become dirty and are a real mess to put away. All tarp-style covers inevitably develop rips, tears and holes that permit dirt and debris to enter your air conditioner and become trapped inside. Once this happens, your units base drains become clogged and water has nowhere to go.

The worst thing about tarp-style covers is that they trap condensation and moisture inside your air conditioner. Once moisture is trapped inside the tarp, your system begins to rust and prematurely age resulting in costly repairs or early replacement.